My name is Bass Tadros, I am a communication specialist, executive coach, and corporate trainer. I work with individuals, startups, CEOs, teams and some of the world’s biggest brands. I learned valuable skills of adapting to change and developing three new languages and relocating to three continents by age nine. I currently speak fluent Arabic […]

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I look at my son and see so much of my father’s features, or am I seeing my own features in my son that I inherited from my father? It’s always a fascination how genetics work and how from micro cells we have this impressive form that builds itself and continues throughout our life. What I

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Can Organisations Benefit from a Mindfulness Program?

How can your Organisation Benefit from a Mindfulness Program? Practicing mindfulness at work has proven to have benefits for both employees and employers. Corporate mindfulness programs produce the following benefits: 1.      Employees are able to concentrate and focus better on their tasks and therefore workplace productivity increases 2.      Relationships between colleagues improve as well as

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