Are you looking to further transform your thinking, your behaviours and create positive change in your life?

This refreshingly unique course will cover practical NLP techniques to transform your thinking, your behaviours and create positive change in your personal and professional life. Complimentary ongoing access to the NLP Life Coaching Community with the opportunity to put into practice the NLP techniques to retain and build on your knowledge.

On successful completion of the the modules and assessments students qualify for the: POWER HOUSE COMMUNICATION with NLP certification by Bass Tadros.

Benefits of this Training

  • Control the connection between your mind, emotions and behaviour
  • Redefine your purpose
  • Discover how to take control of conversations
  • Create better relationships
  • Overcome challenges easily
  • Gain control in stressful situations
  • Gain increased confidence in your personal and professional life
  • Decrease stress
  • Reduce and avoid burnout and banging your head against the wall
  • Attract opportunities and open doors where before you saw walls
  • Decrease passive aggression because people are more willing to speak with you
  • Increase the people who want to be around you
  • Increase your ability to dissolve tension and manage the mood of the room
  • Increase work productivity
  • Establish trust
  • See things from the other person’s perspective (empathy)
  • Uncover powerful negotiation skills 
  • Handle objectives better
  • Take back power and take charge of your life
  • Develop your abilities to inspire and motivate people


Bass Tadros has been using NLP techniques to faciliatate transformative change work in the corporate world and one-on-one in the clinical environment

Bass Tadros, an acclaimed and accredited hypnotherapist and mindset coach works with businesses, executives and teams in order to achieve organisational objectives. Whether you are looking for a 1 hour inspiring presentation for your team or a 10 week intensive Bass is able to tailor a program best suited for your team’s goals. Details on program options are below

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