I look at my son and see so much of my father’s features, or am I seeing my own features in my son that I inherited from my father?

It’s always a fascination how genetics work and how from micro cells we have this impressive form that builds itself and continues throughout our life.

What I am more impressed by is beyond most people’s comprehension, and so most people don’t spend a lot of time looking into this.

Imagine for one nano-second that children are our reincarnation. What if we don’t have to parish for our reincarnation to take on its own place in life. I look at my son and I see me reliving my childhood, but this time from a new perspective. I have the accountability as a father to treat him the way he wants to be treated and the way I felt when I was boy I would have liked to be treated, with sensitivity, respect and understanding.

I did say this goes beyond most people’s comprehension, allow yourself to see this as a non-linear formation of life. Our human mind has tried it’s absolute best to make life linear.

Most of life is non linear, once in our human history, we thought the world was flat, that was our linear explanation of a non-linear reality.

Nature is our best teacher as it harnesses all aspects of itself and knows that everything is connected and linked nothing is isolated as such, but humanity spends most of its time, too busy to connect with nature and it would do us so much good to just watch it or listen to its wisdom.

Let’s take the example of a seed planted in nature it grows into a shoot, then a small plant, into a tree with leaves. The whole time it never questions that it is whole with everything and it is one with its form as a seed, to its roots and beyond. It’s one with the soil its in, one with the oxygen, one with sun light etc. It’s not looking for how separate it is to the rest of its existence, hence it is in harmony with its surroundings.

Humanity has this unnatural way that we have been conditioned with which is not part of our innate nature, it’s painful to explain this, however it is informative and it will make sense in its own way perhaps even help you connect the dots.

Most of humanity’s adopted behaviours is to look for separateness not wholeness. We look at others and see that they are separate to us. This is not our natural way of being, it is not intuitive it is learned and it can be unlearned.

Humans can learn from this and see we are one with our blood relatives, but also with the rest of our human family. As well as our natural environment, imagine if we are seven billion cells of one body on earth.

All human characteristics of colour, nationality, religions and any other element you can think of have caused separation or wars. These things should not separate us, but yet they do. Why? Because we have not listened to our true nature. Our innate nature is designed for us to connect, not separate us yet so much of all man made stuff goes mainly against our natural grain, hence why we are in an Information Age hungry for knowledge yet lacking the ability to discern our truth.

What if we can be at harmony with our human family regardless of all the so called differences.

I know it’s challenging, but imagine a life where we sense connectedness rather than separation.

Did you know that most science around addiction now points to the main reason for the addiction is a lack of connection.

So what if we are addicted to technology to seek connectedness yet ignore our  family or friends right beside us. Are you seeing this from another perspective now?

Imagine how alone some people are and they are looking for friends online rather than sensing they are connected to everyone and everything.

We breath the same air, drink the same water, receive light and warmth from the same sun. Yet, if you are on the other side of the border we are not one country we are separate. Separated by the very things we built to help us connect, language – ways of communication. Separated by faith the pillar that is meant for hope, trust – unity. Separated by borders we setup, governments we gave power to, where did all this get so far from our own inner innate natural system the same system that is born from intelligence!!! Where is our intelligence? Don’t confuse intelligence with intellect and/or trying to make sense of things as I already mentioned most time this is not truth it’s too linear and linearity is its downfall. I am talking about accessing the natural intelligence within just like nature and plants.

Did you know there has been research on plants growing to give you the exact nutrition your body is showing deficiency in. Not grown in a lab, I am saying you can put a seed in your mouth before you put into the soil and it is programmed to grow the plant to give your body the nutrition it needs. Look it up!

We have this intelligence of our life source within us, but it is clouded by our own ways, so if you want more clarity, it’s time to clear out the old elements of your programming that no longer serve you or humanity and start a fresh new programming to have a new upgraded version of yourself on a new upgraded planet that is full of life and intelligence!

Seek and you will find. Be open, have love in your heart and a softness about you as you start this journey.

For the people that are wondering what if I am already nice to everyone and I am not sure everyone is on the same page. Perhaps people around you are still on the old program. You might say “I don’t want to be a doormat,” however its not about being a pushover its about setting healthy boundaries.

I say be compassionate, yet have healthy boundaries.

Believe in your heart that the people on the old program will soon figure it out and upgrade. It all starts with you, lead by example in kindness.

I still thank and smile in kindness when I deal with people regardless of their treatment as I look beyond where they are and see their potential. What if your smile and kindness has the impact to make them think people are genuinely kind not angry or abrupt. We can harness either trait, but at the end of the day if we are all connected, and we spread sadness, anger and hate then that becomes the truth of the world we live in.

It can be a world based on spreading kindness and compassion.

It all starts with you. Don’t wait until your partner or your children treat you better.

I educate people on ways of communication based on the new programming, not the old tired and outdated one we received as children sponging of our old surroundings. The time is now!! Now is the time to upgrade or as most things in nature that don’t seed and grow they become ridged and frail and naturally self destruct.

I want to see humanity grow and bloom and birth new life, not perish with the old ways.
Be inspired and seek your truth and be a new being full of goodness, so that you have a positive contribution to our human family!

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