Can Organisations Benefit from a Mindfulness Program?

How can your Organisation Benefit from a Mindfulness Program?

Practicing mindfulness at work has proven to have benefits for both employees and employers.

Corporate mindfulness programs produce the following benefits:

1.      Employees are able to concentrate and focus better on their tasks and therefore workplace productivity increases

2.      Relationships between colleagues improve as well as relationships between employees and clients

3.      Employee engagement and loyalty goes up when they are happy in their workplace, reducing stress-related illnesses as well as reducing the costs of employee absenteeism

The Ultimate Staff Wellness Program is a comprehensive energy development program that teaches staff how to optimise energy, health, mindfulness and wellness levels so they can be and work at their best.

Mindfulness meditation practice utilizing specific meditation methods that will:

• help you become more mindful
• help you become more aware
• help you become more spacious and happy in your being
• help you concentrate better
• help open the gateway to higher awareness through intuition
• improve your emotional intelligence


Specific breathing techniques which will:

• help balance the emotions
• help calm the mind
• help cleanse the blood of impurities and excess carbon dioxide
• help oxygenate the blood supply
• help energise the mind and help open the heart

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