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Hi, I’m Bass Tadros,

Hypnotherapy Thought Leader, Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker and Author.

In my FREE 1 on 1 ‘Hour Of Power’ Consult’ I offering guidance and support in the following areas of life:

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"Bass, I want to thank you for always being able to inspire and motivate me through my challenges in life. Your wisdom and knowledge on matters has always given me the inspiration and energy to approach my challenges with vigor and an unprecedented new way if thinking. Your wisdom and knowledge has always been an inspiration for me."

Sam Barrasso

UI/UX Designer

"Thanks to Bass I am no longer feeling anxious and stressed all the time.

On my first visit to see Bass I felt very nervous and anxious but after a short period of time I was able to relax and achieve a real benefit from my hypnotherapy. After only a few sessions with Bass I have learnt how to cope better with work pressure and anxiety and can put things in perspective more easily. Bass is a genuine person who really wants to help, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends."


“I have known Bass Tadros for over ten years and had the privilege of his friendship and to have him as a mentor. Over the years Bass has successfully inspired and motivated me beyond my fears of starting my own business turning it into a positive reality.

Through my fruitful career paths in Warehousing and Supply Chain Management due to Bass’s motivating and life changing coaching, my company RT Logistics is now a more successful and positive consulting firm. I on behalf of RT Logistics would like to personally thank

Bass for his inspiration and life changing work.

If you as an individual or a business owner require real life changing and effective coaching I would definitely recommend Bass Tadros to help realize the success from within you."

Ruben Tauno

“I have found immense benefit from having the courage to come forward and seek life coaching from Bass. I not only highly recommend his service but have built nothing but adulation for his competency and ability.
At first my thought of undergoing hypnosis raised questions and even some slight scepticism. From my experience, I not only always felt in control, but was surprised at my ability to enter into this state, let alone the results.
Upon reflection of my experience with hypnotherapy, I guess I initially expected I would see results immediately, just like taking medication. However in my case, I noticed results as a gradual trend of change. It is clear now (several months later) that without doubt, I have made substantial changes to not only my perspective on certain situations/matters but I have made real life decisions and moves that have clearly lead to a more fulfilling path.
It is without question or doubt that I recommend (to anyone who has the courage and willingness for betterment) to contact Bass as I feel he is possibly one of the most gifted and genuine practitioners in the life coaching field. I have appreciated his dedication to the point of even offering consent to Bass to forward my email address to anyone who may wish to speak to me directly to discuss my experience or further vouch my testimonial to the work he does.”


“Free Your Mind. Free Your Life

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